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    Welcome to Kalimantan

    off the beaten track

    Borneo Island is the land of the Dayak tribes, virgin tropical rainforest, unspoiled white palm beaches, and beautiful scenery of slopes, and valleys in the mountain ranges, make it a captivating holiday destination in South East Asia. Kalimantan which occupied two third of the island is Indonesian territory and home to many incredible flora and fauna species as wild orchids, pitcher plants, Dipterocarpus towering trees, and endangered animals species, such as wild orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, deer, crocodiles, clouded leopard, marbled Cat, Flat-head Cat, leaf monkey, macaque, tarsier, lizards, rhino ‘s and more then 500 bird species, as several types of hornbills, sunbirds, and pheasants.
    You will get inspired by the local culture of the Dayak tribes in the settlements, who still practice mystic natural powers of their animism “Kharingan” believes. The Dayak arts of extra ordinary and vibrant characteristic flowing geometrical designs portraying scenes of jungle life at statutes and their community longhouses, comes from Chinese Dong Son influences. Woman with the Long Ears and tattoo 's can be found in the hinterland also known as the heart of Borneo.
    Our first hand knowledge of Kalimantan ensure you an ideal choice of privately guided tours and personalized expeditions to experience a seamless trip. Get inspired by browsing the most popular standard itineraries of Jungle treks, wildlife and culture river cruises, or dive, snorkel and beach leisure offers below.
    Please feel free to contact us, to make, plan and design your ideal and more over memorable Kalimantan holiday journey for you.

Tour Packages

tanjung puting rain forest orangutan wildlife tour guide

1 Day Tanjung Puting Wildlife Safari Cruise

tanjung puting tour orangutan wildlife park safari trip
tanjung puting park pangkalanbun sekonyer river klotok boat jungle cruise orangutan wildlife guide trip

2 Days Tanjung Puting Wildlife Klotok Boat

tanjung puting cruise guide
sebangau jungle rain forest orangutan wildlife safari trip

2 Days Sebangau Park wildlife

sebangau wildlife safari
banjarmasin floating market south kalimantan tour trip guide

2 Days Banjarmasin Floating Market

banjarmasin floating market

balikpapan orangutan bukit bankirai jungle samboja rain forest, proboscis monkey sail mangrove forest borneo tours

2 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Jungle

balikpapan tree top bridge jungle orangutan wetlands
dayak culture ceremnony pampang village kenyah art long ear longhouse trip kalimantan indonesia

2 Days Samarinda Culture Tour

samarinda pampang dayak village experience holiday tours
klotok boat cruise sekonyer river tanjung puting wildlife safari kalimantan tour

3 Days Tanjung Puting Camp Leakey Orangutan

tanjung puting park tours
lesan orangutan wildlife rain forest trek trail guide borneo indonesia

3 Days Orangutan Jungle Berau

orangutan safari wildlife

sebangau park wildlife orangutan safari trip kalimantan jungle indonesia

3 Days Sebangau Park Rainforest

sebangau park reserve orangutan jungle
mahakam river tour

3 Days Mahakam River Lakes Cruise

mahakam tour
mahakam river cruise dayak longhouse culture art borneo trip kalimantan tour guide

4 Days Mahakam River Cruise

mahakam river rainforest dayak culture tribe cruise guide
tanjung puting wildlife cruise safari trip guide borneo tour

4 Days Tanjung Puting Jungle Cruise

tanjung puting tour wildlife jungle cruise

bamboo rafting floating market banjarmasin loksado mount meratus jungle trek adventure trip

4 Days Loksado Bamboo Rafting

bamboo rafting adventure expedition jungle tropical rainforest
berau orangutan borneo tour

4 Days Berau Orangutan Lesan Jungle

tour trip guide
berau orangutan whale shark adventure kalimantan tour guide

4 Days Orangutan Rain Forest & Whale Shark Berau

whale shark derawan archipelago orangutan jungle wildlife safari borneo kalimantan indonesia
derawan bounty island archipelago islands maratua sangalaki kakaban yelly fish lake manta dive, snorkel, chilling white beach palm trees kalimantan trip guide

4 Days Derawan & Sangalaki Borneo Bounty Islands

derawan borneo beauty bounty beach sea

danau sentarum orangutan wildlife kalimantan tours borneo indonesia

4 Days Danau Sentarum Lake

danau sentarum tour cruise guide
kutai park kalimantan tours orangutan wildlife jungle

4 Days Kutai park Pure Wildlife

kalimantan kutai reserve wildlife orangutan jungle safari guide
mahakam river houseboat cruise trip jungle borneo indonesia kalimantan dayak longhouse flora fauna

5 Days Mahakam River Cruise

mahakam tour guide kalimantan dayak village longhouse
maratua chilling white beach coral reef dive snorkel borneo indonesia

5 Days Maratua Island Paradise

derawan archipelago tour bounty island paradise

kutai park miau baru dayak village tour guide orangutan safari rain forest borneo

5 Days Kutai Park Wildlife & Dayak Culture Berau

orangutan miau baru dayak culture kayan village long ear
dayak culture mahakam river

6 Days Mahakam River Cruise

borneo kalimantan mahakam river tour
teluk sumbang rain forest crystal sea bounty palm beach kalimantan

6 Days Teluk Sumbang Golden Triangle

teluk sumbang dive coastal line berau whale shark, coral reef kaniungan island, karst rain forest orangutan tour guide trip safari, borneo, kalimantan
mahakam river kutai park dayak culture longhouse art wildlife orangutan tour

6 Days Mahakam River & Kutai Park

makahakm river house boat jungle kutai park reserve

mahakam tour kalimantan guide

7 Days Mahakam River Cruise

borneo mahakam boat cruise
rain forest wildlife leisure borneo

7 Days Kutai Park & Whale Shark Maratua Paradise

kutai reserve wildlife orangutan whale shark maratua island chilling beach sea snorkel
meratus mountain jungle trek guide borneo kalimantan

7 Days Meratus Mountain Jungle Trek

banjarmasin floating market rain forest trek mount meratus loksado bamboo rafting
borneo, kalimantan, indonesia, tour, guide flora fauna forest trek

8 Days Kutai park & Teluk Sumbang

kutai national park wild orangutan whale shark teluk sumbang karst rain forest crystal clear coral reef sea bounty beach resort borneo

tanjung puting wildlife cruise loksado bamboo raft adventure banjarmasin floating market

8 Days Tanjung Puting & Banjarmasin Loksado

orangutan dayak culture rain forest trek
discover kalimantan

9 Days Discover Borneo Tour

discover borneo
mahakam discover

9 Days Upper Mahakam River Rain Forest

mahakam river rain forest
flora fauna heart of borneo trek guide dayak tribe

9 Days Discover Heart of Borneo

rain forest heart of borneo adventure

berau coastal line orangutan coral reefs bounty beach crystal clear sea islands derawan archipelago teluk sumbang lake cermin whale shark karst rain forest authentic dayak village plateau

10 Days Berau Coastal Line Paradise

forest dayak culture wildlife chilling leisure white palm tree beach
kayan mentarang jungle adventure forest trek

10 Days Kayan Mentarang Rain Forest

dayak culture long house heart of borneo
borneo experience tour trip safari guide flora fauna, culture

14 Days Borneo Experience Tour

kalimantan island, indonesia, tourism, travel, expedition
muller mountain jungle trek

16 Days Cross East to West Borneo

cross borneo trek

wonders of borneo

20 Days Wonders Of Borneo Tour

wonders of kalimantan