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    Samarinda Dayak Culture Entrance Gate

    Rythm of Culture and Nature collide

    Samarinda has a population of approximately one million people, located at the Mahakam River and forms the gate of entrance to the deep hinterland occupied by more then 40 different Dayak Tribes. Pampang village located at about one hour drive is occupied by the Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Kayan tribes migrated from the isolated Apokayan highlands early 70-ties downstream to more accessable locations. Now-a-days Pampang is a cultural Dayak village with regular ceremonies, and art full longhouse. Some of the elder Dayak people are still have long ears, and Tattoo, which make it all a moment of one of the last memorable Dayak Culture signs, in the rapidly changing Kalimantan development.



Upon arrival at Samarinda Airport, meeting service by your guide and transfer by car to Pampang Dayak village, as a color full art cultural Longhouse designed and carved out of hard wood, placed in the center of the vilage as a heritage of the community culture. At Sundays a public ceremony is held. Long Ear woman and men with tattoo's still can be found at the village. By car to harbor to board house boat and sail upstream Mahakam River towards Tenggarong, dinner and overnight on board.


Breakfast on board, overlooking the Hindu Statutes, visiting the former palace of Sultan Kutai Kertanegara. Where you will see the Sultan's impressive collection of heirlooms, ceramics, Dayak's art and culture items, downstream Mahaam River, Lunch on board, visit the traditional sarong weaving home industry, and transfer by car to hotel or airport where you can connect to your next destination.

Tour Rate Include :
Transfer Samarinda airport to Pampang village, transfer to harbor, sail Mahakam River to Tenggarong, visit Sultan Palace and Museum, sail to Sarong Weaving home industry and transfer by car to hotel or Samarinda airport
Accommodation 1 Night at Houseboat
Meals (BLD) Drinks (Aqua, Tea, Coffee)
English Speaking Guide
Entrance fees, parking fees, donations

Tour Rate Exclude :
Soft & Alcoholic drinks
Personal expenses
Everything which is not mentioned in the itinerary

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