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    Tanjung Puting - Mahakam River - Derawan Archipelago

    Borneo Wildlife Rain Forest Adventure

    Enjoy the natural rythem of the Tropical Rain Forest wildlife during your River cruise into Tanjung Puting National Park Reserve. The Dayak culture along the Mahakam River as the high way in to deep Borneo. Tenggarong, is home to the sultanate of Kutai kingdom as the Hindu kingdom of the old days, over the enormous lakes to visit Dayak settlements and longhouses, when lucky spot the Irrawwady fresh water dolphins during your trip, Leisure at the bounty Islands in the Derawan Arcipelago

9 Days Discover Borneo Tour


Upon arrival at Iskandar Airport of Pangkalanbun, meeting service and transfer to Kumai to board motorboat cruising up Sekonyer River. Visit the local village Tanjung Harapan and the Pelasat Forestry project, Along the river you can enjoy the beautiful flora & fauna, like birds, monkeys, gibbons, and other wonderful creatures of Borneo.


After breakfast at the boat, with the sounds of the awaking jungle, we will visit Pondok Tanggui, an Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre up Sekonyer River, then proceed to Camp Leakey, research and rehabilitation centre of the Orang Utan. Trekking through the tropical rainforest searching for the wildlife and the exotic tropical flora, afterwards return to Klotok Boat for dinner and overnight.


After breakfast cruise Sekonyer River to Pangkalanbun for transfer to the airport, for your onward flight to flight to Balikpapan. Upon arrival at Balikpapan airport, by car transfer to Loa Janan harbor from where we continue by houseboat for exciting adventure on Mahakam river. Meals provided and overnight at the Lodge, Overnight in houseboat.
Flight Pangkalanbun - Balikpapan


Start the day with short sightseeing to Muara Muntai Wooden village then crossing Jempang Lake by motor canoe to Mancong. During the cruise you could see Rain forest and wildlife at Ohong creek like monkey’s and birds, Upon arrival at Mancong, welcomed with a traditional ceremony by the Dayaq Benuaq, one of the Oldest Dayak Longhouse of East Kalimantan can be found here, Late afternoon by motor canoe to Tanjung Isuy for sightseeing and continue to Houseboat for dinner and overnight. Houseboat will cruise up to Muara Pahu. Overnight in houseboat.


Arrive at Muara Pahu, cruise upstream the Kedang Pahu River by canoe for more then one hour by canoe to Mount Bayan to visit Terbisak Dayak village known of it’s Longhouse of the Benauq Dayak tribe which is still habituated by about 100 Dayak people living in their community house, and traditions of dry rise fielding and hunting, continue downstream by canoe, along the river bank, we will enjoy the exotic nature, and wildlife as otters, leave monkeys, endangered proboscis monkeys and birds, before we move to the delta of the Belowan river as a black water peat swamp forest land, with opportunities to spot the fresh water dolphins in the colliding stream of the Kedang Pahu and the Bolowan River. Afternoon, return to houseboat for down stream to Samarinda. Dinner and Overnight on board.


Breakfast on board, Arrive at Samarinda harbor for transfer by car to Balikpapan airport, to catch your flight to Berau, Upon arrival at Berau airport, by car transfer to Berau harbor, Lunch en route at local restaurant, continue by speedboat to Maratua Island, dinner and overnight at resort, evening free at own leisure.
Flight : Balikpapan – Berau


Breakfast at Resort, free at own leisure, possibility to snorkel the sea and coral reefs in front of the resort, soaking up the pool or enjoy the paradise scenery of the while palm beach and blue lagoon sea from the resort, lunch and dinner and overnight at Resort.


Early in the morning by speed or fishermen's boat to Sangalaki Island which is called the Capital of The Mantas Rays, many kinds of exotic fish could be seen in this area like the Mantas, Napoleons, purple sea horses, tunitates, dwarf scorpion fishes, and not to forget the Coral Sea Garden which is still in tact. In the night we could explore the Turtle bay. Sangalaki as one of the Islands, is a attractive dive destination as it is known for the large manta rays that come here to feed their plankton. The Manta 's show mostly up at the north part of Sangalaki Islands, and come from all directions. The Manta's are often seen at the surface waterline, and even when snorkeling the Manta's can be easy seen. Here you can swim with the elegant moving Manta' s which have a wing weight of more then two meters. Sangalaki has dive reefs from 4 to 40 meters deep, and a serie of ridges with sandy bottom. Coral and gorgonian sea fans with reef fishes, are part of Sangalaki 's beauty dive side, near some ship wreaks. Fishes that can be found near Sangalaki are several species of scorpionfishes, jawfishes, mandarin fishes, frogfishes and ribbon eels. Sangalaki is also famous of it's breeding ground of the green turtles. Sangalaki houses a Turtle Foundation that ensures to lay their eggs as a future safeguard, with your visit you help donate survival and have the opportunity to learn more about the Turtles and the Foundations work. For visitors who like to spot the Turtles, at night the turtles come ashore on the beach to lay their eggs and small baby turtles can be seen regularly, when they hatch, Lunch Box Kakaban Isdland is know of it's mangrove fringed lake inside which is a bit above the sea level, the lake itself is about 17 meters deep of brackish water with a green algae bottom, sea life diverse from four types of jellyfish, snakes, orange purple and yellow clams on the branches. For Divers, The Dive points around the islands as the barracuda Point has sharks, leopards fish, tunas, snappers and offcourse large schools of barracudas, the Blue Cave point is a cave of about 120 meters long with at the end a Blue sea light, and is only for the experienced divers. From the Dive points the Gorganian Forest view is amazing. late afternoon return to Maratua Resort for dinner and ovenight


After breakfast start our trip cross the sea by boat to Berau harbor, and by car to Berau airport where you can catch your flight to your next destination.

Tour Rate Include:
Transfer in-out Pangkalanbun Airport, Transfer to Kumai Harbor, klotok houseboat at Tanjung Puting, Tanjung Harapan, Pelasat, Camp Leakey, Pondok Tanggui, Tanjung Harapan, and return by boat to Kumai, Flight Pangkalanbun – Balikpapan, Transfer in Balikpapan airport by car/minibus to Samarinda, Boarding Houseboat full Aircondition, cruise up Mahakam River, to the village Muara Muntai, by motor-canoe navigate the Jempang Lake, visit Tanjung Isuy, and Mancong, cruise upstream to Muara Pahu, sail Bolowan River to Terbisak Dayak village, downstream Mahakam River to Samarinda, Transfer by car to Balikpapan airport, flight Balikpapan to Berau, transfer by car to Berau harbor, by speedboat to Maratua Island, by boat surrounding Sangalaki and Kakaban Islands, transfer to Maratua island, by boat transfer to Berau harbor, by car transfer to Berau airport
Flights, Pangkalanbun - Balikpapan - Berau
Accommodation 2 Nights at Klotok Houseboat, 3 Nights at Houseboat Mahakam River, 3 Nights at Maratua Island Resort
Meals / Drinks Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Aqua, Tea & Coffee
English Speaking Guide
Donations and Entrance fees, permits etc

Tour Rate Exclude :
Airfares to and from Kalimantan Island
Soft & Alcoholic drinks
Personal expenses
Everything which is not mentioned in the trip itinerary

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