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    Mahakam River Tour offers

    Explore Borneo Rainforest and Culture

    Mahakam River Tours & Cruise Activities in-to remote Kalimantan ‘s jungle and visit the water-settlements of the Dayak Tribes in the hinterland. Explore Borneo ancient rainforest eco-river system as the prime habitat of orangutans, proboscis monkeys, the fresh water Irrawaddy Dolphins, and other rare endemic Bornean animals species. The mystic culture treasures of Sultan Kingdoms and grand diversity of exotic flora and fauna collide as the wonders of Kalimantan which you can experienced at your guided off-the-beaten-track adventure trips.

Mahakam River Tours & Cruises

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2 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Jungle

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2 Days Samarinda Culture Tour

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3 Days Mahakam River Lakes Cruise

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4 Days Kutai park Pure Wildlife

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4 Days Mahakam River Cruise

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5 Days Mahakam River Cruise

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5 Days Kutai Park Wildlife & Dayak Culture Berau

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6 Days Mahakam River Cruise

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6 Days Mahakam River & Kutai Park

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7 Days Mahakam River Cruise

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7 Days Kutai Park & Whale Shark Maratua Paradise

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8 Days Kutai park & Teluk Sumbang

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9 Days Upper Mahakam River Rain Forest

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9 Days Discover Borneo Tour

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14 Days Borneo Experience Tour

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16 Days Cross East to West Borneo

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20 Days Wonders Of Borneo Tour

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