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    Explore Borneo Rainforest and Culture

    The Kalimantan Mahakam River is one of the greatest adventures of Indonesia, where the poison darts of the blow pipes move their way through the rain forest. The Dayak people as former headhunters moving stealthy to the jungle territory as they did hundreds of years ago. During your Mahakam houseboat cruise tour, you will explore the wide terrain of the tropical rain forest and Dayak longhouse settlements in deep Kalimantan chunk of Indonesian Borneo. The prime eco-river system as the habitat of various rare endangered and Borneo endemic animal species as the orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and Irrawaddy freshwater dolphin hide in the corners of the lush rain forest along the riverbanks. Visiting the water longhouse villages to explore the grand diversity of mystic culture treasures and sultan Kingdoms in the tropical flora and fauna when the traditional wooden cruise houseboat dock ashore in one of the Dayak settlements. The historical headhunter signs are carved in the tall wooden totem statutes in each village, along with the hunted animal species ever been caught at their spears. Your tour guide will lead your path thru the off the beaten track wonders of Kalimantan ‘s jungle trails and rivers, where some tribes practice a kind of voodoo shaman mystic health ceremony, other Dayak people swear by the animism believe of the long ear ornaments and body tattoo. You will be a welcomed guest at the wild men of Borneo ‘s longhouse settlements in the deep jungle the further you get upstream the 1.000 kilometers long Mahakam River into the heart of Kalimantan hinterland. When you are lucky you can experience one of the harvest or funeral processions, and explore the ritualistic mystic believes of their traditional dance ceremonies which survived the modernity through the years. The Mahakam river is the second longest river in Indonesia with its spring in the heart of Borneo highland range of the Mueller mountains towards the Sulawesi strait with a length of more then 100 times Singapore.

Mahakam River Tours & Cruises

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5 Days Kutai Park Wildlife & Dayak Culture Berau

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