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    Tanjung Puting Park

    Kalimantan Orangutan Jungle Cruise

    The heritage of Borneo ‘s Tanjung Putting Nature Reserve with several ecosystems as the lowland tropical rain forest, and the dryland forest, can be cruised by tourist Klotok boats as the easiest way to experience an adventure Tour to the orangutans in their natural habitat in Kalimantan. The Park of Tanjung Puting host plenty of wildlife primates that can be seen during your Klotok houseboat sail over the Sekonyer River through the Jungle journey in the heart of darkness Tanjung Putting National Park. You can count on seeing proboscis monkeys, and troops of light brown monkeys which jump from tree to tree or even in-to the river in front of your Klotok boat. The macaques, the gibbons, clouded leopards, sambar deer and orangutans show up at the riverside branches on your trip.

Tanjung Puting Tours

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1 Day Tanjung Puting Wildlife Cruise

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2 Days Tanjung Puting Wildlife Klotok Boat

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3 Days Tanjung Puting Camp Leakey Orangutan

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4 Days Tanjung Puting Jungle Cruise

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9 Days Discover Heart of Borneo

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14 Days Borneo Experience Tour

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20 Days Wonders Of Borneo Tour

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