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    Sebangau Park

    Sustainable Eco-tourism of Jungle Orangutan Wildlife

    Sebangau National park is established in 2004, and contains a 5,300km2 of peat swamp forests, located in Central Kalimantan as the Indonesian chunk of Borneo Island, which contains many wildlife species, as clouded leopards, orangutans, proboscis monkeys, including 116 species of birds and 166 species of flora.
    The smell of the blackwater peat swamp forest welcomes the tourist once heading kayaking the river systems in to the Sebangau Reserve. The boardwalk trekking paths are a great opportunity to spot wildlife from Orangutans who are building nests in the forest tree top canopy, the longnose proboscis monkeys, macaque to cloud leopards or tarsiers during the jungle night treks. Day and night the sounds of the rainforest from the insects might mean the presence of a snake or bird enemies, but could also be the carnivorous pitcher plant, it resembles a jug or pitcher of sticky fluid as a trap for insects of the plant, which then are digested.
    The WWF (World Wide Fund) Indonesia, has engaged local indigenous Dayak people in the villages surrounding the park to develop craft cottage industry homewares, engage in reforestation programs and develop eco-tourism, as a sustainable income source which could preserve the rainforest.
    Ecotourism is an alternative for the local people of forest preservation with a long term income which achieves environmental conservation and livelihoods for villagers. By visiting the Sebangau National Park, Tourist visitors will directly support the indigenous Dayak tribes and sustain the rain forest of this nature reserve with the eco-tourism projects developed for the travelers.
    The park is close located to Palangkaraya city in Central Kalimantan province of Indonesian Borneo island, visitors can reached the reserve by a canoe sail through the wetland swamp system, as the habitat of the engaged local indigenous Dayak residents around the park who have rattan plantations to develop craft cottage industry homewares.

Sebangau PARK Tours

sebangau jungle rain forest orangutan wildlife safari trip

2 Days / 1 Night
Sebangau Park Rainforest Orangutan wildlife

Motorized canoe journey through Sabangau Park's unique peat swamp forest beauty, hike through the forest to see endemic vegetation and wildlife such as hornbills, proboscis monkeys, ant nests, wild orangutans, lizards, and many other animals

sebangau park wildlife orangutan safari trip kalimantan jungle indonesia

3 Days / 2 Nights
Sebangau Park Jungle Wildlife Adventure Tour

Canoe cruise through the narrow canals of Sebangau National park Reserve, with challenging walks over the trails in the peat swamp forest in search for and to spot the wild endemic animals of Kalimantan as Orangutan, proboscis monkeys, and birds

lesan orangutan wildlife rain forest trek trail guide borneo indonesia

14 Days / 13 Nights
Cross South to Central Kalimantan Overland

Cross south to Central Kalimantan, trek the jungle mountains, adventure Bamboo Raft Amandit river, meet local Dayak tribes, and explore the low-land rainforest by sailing on a klotok boat in to the wildlife hotspot of Indonesia Borneo island