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    Kutai Park Kalimantan

    Wild Jungle Orangutan

    Kutai National Park in East Kalimantan distant boom lures us deep into the forest where many endemic Borneo wildlife species hide in the remote jungle. Kutai Reserve offers the best chance of encountering genuinely wild orangutans in the towering tree tops along the skinny foot forest trails in Kalimantan 's part of Indonesian Borneo Jungle. The Reserve park is home to many fauna species of animals such as truly wild orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, deer, crocodiles, clouded leopard, marbled Cat, Flat-head Cat, leaf monkey, macaque ape, tarsier, lizards and more then 500 bird species, as several types of hornbills, sunbirds, pheasants, and king fishers. The Kutai National Park became a National Reserve in 1970 to stop the logging and mining continue decimating the animal populations. Now-a-days more travellers visiting these wild lands by venturing beyond rescue centres and feeding stations to observe wildlife and orangutans in their natural habitats, as a support of preservation the rain forest heritage.
    There are three main tourism points in the park, one, Sangkima which is an elevated boardwalk in to the jungle to an old giant hard wooden towering tree. Second is the River delta as a mangrove forest accessible by canoe to spot proboscis monkeys and crocodiles. Third tour destination is Prevab, which can be reached by canoe upstream Sangatta river to the Borneo 's remote nature jungle in a fairly good condition with little disturbance for the rainforest wildlife.

Kutai Park Orangutan Tours

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4 Days Kutai park Pure Wildlife Safari

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7 Days Kutai Park & Whale Shark Maratua Beach

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8 Days Kutai park & Teluk Sumbang Trip

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