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    Kayan Mentarang Park

    Heart of Borneo

    Kayan Mentarang National Park also known as the heart of Borneo, covers a large block of tropical cloud rainforest located in the highlands far interior of Kalimantan island. The park is an Indonesia natural heritage reserve which comprises the oldest rainforest of Borneo and an important refuge for numerous flora and fauna species, including many animal species that are endemic to the Bornean mountain bioregion. The National Park Kayan Mentarang is named after the Kayan Tribe which occupied the Apokayan highland plateau region in Kalimantan, and the Mentarang Mountain range which stretched all the way from the most northern part of Kalimantan’s Krayan region to the most south part of the Apau Kayan
    Due of the remote location, Kayan Mentarang Park suit for those travelers who are adventures, have patient, and able to expect the un-expected during their trip. The designed eco-tours have to kept flexible in time schedules as upon the current terrain circumstances of the moment, and are back to basic once you arrived in the Dayak settlements which will host us for our accommodations. During the off the beaten track Jungle trails we make shelters for our overnights, hunt or fish for some extra protein of our meals during the multi days forest trek.
    The easiest access to reach the Reserve is via the Kayan River which streams from the Makassar strait all the way in to the Apokayan highland, while the last part of the river has very dangerous rapids which can not be passed. Several air strips are found in the park which can connect locals by small Cessna planes in emergency with the outside world.
    The World Wildlife Fund ( WWF ) is working for more then a decade to sustain the largest block of rainforest of Borneo with the support of locals to develop eco-tourism as the Heart of Borneo project. Despite it is hard to reach from the Indonesian part, the Heart of Borneo initiative has progressed agreements to visit the Indonesian Kayan Mentarang Reserve Krayan highlands from Malaysia Borneo Ba’kelalan for short term tourist trips. The border crossing only accept a short term permit for a tourist which have to be requested in advance. For more information for guided Krayan trips and assistance to apply for a short tourist permit, feel free to contact us.

Kayan Mentarang Tour Packages

dayak punan nomadic tribe kalimantan flora fauna heart of borneo trek guide dayak tribe

5 Days / 4 Nights
visit Dayak Punan Nomadic Tribe of Borneo

Dayak Punan are a nomadic tribe of hunters and gatherers in the jungles of Indonesian Kalimantan, Mansor, a Swiss activist, protected the nomadic Dayak Penan which still engage a traditional life of hunter-gatherers in Borneo rainforest

tour itinerary
flora fauna heart of borneo trek guide dayak tribe

9 Days / 8 Nights
Discover Jungle trek Heart of Borneo

The Heart of Borneo of North Kalimantan is covered with virgin dense jungle to hike cloud rain forest after the adventures river rapids. The settlements mostly contains a dozen Dayak families, with mystic spiritual believes and natural freedom

kayan mentarang jungle adventure forest trek

10 Days / 9 Nights
Kayan Mentarang Rain Forest Trekking Adventure

Kayan Mentarang National park contains the oldest rainforest on Borneo with a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife species from the farthest north Krayan Highlands to the Apokayan Plateau along Sabah and Sarawak border as a reserve