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    Kayan Mentarang Park

    Heart of Borneo

    Kayan Mentarang National Park also known as the heart of Borneo, covers a large block of tropical cloud rainforest located in the highlands far interior of Kalimantan island. The park is a nature reserve which comprises the oldest rainforest in the heart of Borneo and as such forms a very important refuge for numerous flora and fauna species, including many species that are endemic to the Bornean mountain bioregion.
    Due of the remote location, Kayan Mentarang Park suit for those travelers who are adventures, have patient, and able to expect the un-expected during their trip. The designed eco-tours have to kept flexible in time schedules as upon the current circumstances of the moment, and are back to basic once you arrived in the Dayak settlements which will host us for our accommodations. During the Jungle treks over the trails we make shelters for our overnights, hunt or fish for some extra protein of our meals.

Kayan Mentarang Tour Packages

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9 Days Discover Heart of Borneo

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10 Days Kayan Mentarang Rain Forest

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