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    Derawan Borneo Beach Archipelago

    Dive, Snorkel or Leisure Kalimantan 's Bounty Paradise white Palm Beach Islands

    Derawan Island Archipelago is Kalimantan maritim biodiversity tourism spot of 40,000 hectares with beautiful tropical palm beach and blue lagoon see scenery. The reserve preserved rare maritime aquatic species, from more then 2000 species of reef fishes and 500 coral species, diverse turtles species, whale shark, manta, and sea cows. The crystal clear sea around Derawan is good for fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Our local guides will show you the insights of life on Derawan and will serve cocktails and canapes on the beach as part of a local cultural entertain performance at the tropical palm beach. Kakaban Island is known of it's mangrove fringed Yelly fish lake, Sangalaki island turtle breeding beach and Manta ray. Maratua is the tropical paradise white palm beach island, with a small population of the Bajau Nomadic seamen.
    For adventurers and solitude seekers, Derawan Archipelago is a glorious blissful Indonesian bounty paradise beach archipelago in Kalimantan, at the less populated Borneo Island east coast to deter the onslaught of tourism that have kept its magnificent coral fringe in tact. For weary foreign travellers, there are no touts, making this Borneo island destination the real tropical bounty paradise beach islands with its authentic Indonesian Bajau tribe fishermen villages, affordable beachfront accommodation, about as far away from Bali as you could ever hope to get.
    So far there are only a handful beach resorts and budget sea stilt guesthouses, catering to intrepid travellers and divers inspired by Borneo jungles and Kalimantan 's unique aquatic maritime diversity at this coastal islands archipelago. Snorkelling in a lagoon full of stingless jellyfish on Kakaban Island, the Turtle beach of Sangalaki, diving into crystal clear sea of Maratua Island, or explore the unspoild limestone sea caves and drifting in the current with enormous manta rays as they feed.

Derawan Archipelago Berau Tours

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Derawan & Sangalaki Bounty Beach Archipelago

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Maratua Tropical Borneo White Palm Beach Island

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