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    Borneo Tropical Beach & Jungle

    Berau orangutans Rain Forest and blue lagoon crystal clear sea with white palm beaches

    Berau regency has the largest population of wild orangutans in the streched rain forest jungle. The beautiful coastal line with blue lagoon sea white palm beaches and Borneo tropical paradise islands as Maratua suit for scuba diving and snorkeling the coral reefs. Sangalaki Island is an unhabitated nature reserve for turtles, Kakaban Island is know of its mangrove fringed lake inside which is a bit above the sea level, the lake itself is about 17 meters deep of brackish water with a green algae bottom, sea life diverse from four types of jellyfish, snakes, orange purple and yellow clams on the branches. Derawan is a small island of the Bajau tribe know as the nomadic seamen. One can swim with the whale shark, along the coastal line and explore the Lake Cermin wonder as a salt and fresh water lake surrounded by forest, at the Teluk Sumbang one can discover the Kalimantan 's karst rain forest wildlife and virgin flora, and the un-known kaniungan island streched coral reefs in front

Berau Tour Packagesges

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3 Days Orangutan Jungle Berau

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4 Days Berau Orangutan Lesan Jungle

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4 Days Orangutan Rain Forest & Whale Shark Berau

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derawan bounty island archipelago islands maratua sangalaki kakaban yelly fish lake manta dive, snorkel, chilling white beach palm trees kalimantan trip guide

4 Days Derawan & Sangalaki Bounty Islands

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maratua chilling white beach coral reef dive snorkel borneo indonesia

5 Days Maratua Island Paradise

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kutai park miau baru dayak village tour guide orangutan safari rain forest borneo

5 Days Kutai Park Wildlife & Dayak Culture Berau

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teluk sumbang rain forest crystal sea bounty palm beach kalimantan

6 Days Teluk Sumbang Golden Triangle

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7 Days Kutai Park & Whale Shark Maratua Paradise

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8 Days Kutai park & Teluk Sumbang

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9 Days Discover Borneo Tour

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berau coastal line orangutan coral reefs bounty beach crystal clear sea islands derawan archipelago teluk sumbang lake cermin whale shark karst rain forest authentic dayak village plateau

10 Days Berau Coastal Line Paradise

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14 Days Borneo Experience Tour

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wonders of borneo

20 Days Wonders Of Borneo Tour

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