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    South Kalimantan

    from the lowlands to the mountain range

    South Kalimantan Province of Indonesian Borneo Island is the land of Dayak tribes and lush rainforests containing some of the richest flora and fauna in the world. The Tourist visitors can at least get a glimpse of their habitats of the inland Meratus Mountain belt gentle hills and alluvial plains as a mark of the start to the untouched deep jungle by the outside world. Tourist facilities are relatively undeveloped and visitors are few. Even with the today's airstrips and boat connections, Dayak territory is still among the most inaccessible on earth. Those who expect the unexpected, and seek unforgettable experiences of cultures and nature, will enjoy Kalimantan. We highly recommend Participants to use Travel Insurance due of the terain conditions.The flora and fauna of Kalimantan’s montane and lowland forests is amazing and each is an important genetic resource and wildlife habitat. Wildlife spotting opportunities. Banjarmasin unique Floating Market as a traditional trade of vegetables, fruits and other daily needs in the river. Bamboo Rafting jungle adventure at the Amandit River.


banjarmasin floating market south kalimantan tour trip guide

2 Days Banjarmasin Floating Market

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8 Days Tanjung Puting & Banjarmasin Loksado

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14 Days Borneo Experience Tour

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